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Providing Maximum Security Across your Overall Business

DYSEC 360 is focused on assuring that the mobilization and transport of assets such as cargo, money, and employees are accomplished with professionalism, expedition, and reliability.

Did You Know...

DYSEC 360 provides services of:

Physical Security

Physical security is the most basic form of protection that organizations must have to ensure their assets are protected. Physical security can encompass a number of different measures such as surveillance, access control, and emergency systems.

Transportation Security

Transportation security is one of the most visible & intricate areas within the security industry. Regardless of the mode of transportation, whether it be by land or sea, there is risks & opportunities that must be considered in order to protect you assets & to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations.

Everything From One Source

Our 360-degree operation allows us to offer a complete service without the need to hire multiple companies. Our transportation security system is designed with extensive infrastructure in place to address your concerns and guarantee optimum safety and security of your valuable goods.

DYSEC 360 provides the most secure and reliable travel of goods, people, and information. DYSEC 360 has been providing transportation and logistics services for our customers for more than a decade. We have a proven track record of providing our clients with secure transportation, safe and reliable logistics services, and the most advanced in-vehicle tracking, routing, and management.

Increased Productivity

DYSEC helps companies and individuals eliminate their vulnerabilities by providing efficient and high-quality security services. Our high-end security solutions range from transportation to process control and monitoring. With advanced resources and state-of-the-art technology, we can offer the best service to our clients.


DYSEC offers a set of services that are tailored to your needs, focusing on security an approach that allows us to monitor our clients on a regular basis and provide ongoing support services. This means your business is always protected from potential threats from within as well as from outside.

Peace of

We understand that you need the freedom to work without having to worry about security issues. Rest easy knowing that we’ll be working hard to ensure your company’s success.

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