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We Set the Standard in Personal Security

We are a full-service provider of security services, providing an array of protection options in a variety of different environments with the top experts in their field. Our highly trained professionals will put there lives on the line in order to ensure yours.

Full-time protection, backed by an international team of highly skilled and experienced security professionals. Close/Executive Protection Services that exceeds expectations and is based on trust, reliability, safety, and confidentiality.

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Close/Executive Protection Service that Exceeds Expectations

Our Close/Executive Protection Services are based on trust, reliability, safety, and confidentiality from security assessments and planning to VIP arrangements and travel logistics.

Our protocol will be done in conjunction with our clients to best ensure their protection needs. Our approach is one of a personal nature and we strive to create the strongest possible partnership with our clients.
Our Personal Protection Officers are professional, experienced, and dedicated to providing a high level of security. All of our staff are trained in the latest physical protection tactics and in how to recognize and mitigate attacks and threats.

We offer two essential services for any person or company who desires privacy, confidentiality, and security.

Close protection service aims at preventing any unwanted approach or contact between the client and potential risks.

Executive protection service is designed to secure the client as he/she performs his/her duties in public or private space.

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